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Another random look

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just playing around

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My anaconda don’t

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Anonymous asked: what are your measurements

read question & answer from before!

Anonymous asked: what is your favorite sex position?

doggy<3, being on top & when my legs are behind Matt’s neck

Anonymous asked: Truth - how much do you weight now and how much were you before you lost weight xo

I used to weigh like 250ish and now i’m about 178ish, i’m always going up & down >_< but i want to be a nice size 10 and tone, nice arms, nice back, keep my booty just make it stronger haha & finalllly get my boobies done hopefully before my 23rd bday but i really would just love them done before next summer.. I’ve gained some summer weight and i’m ready to get it off in time for halloween so we can have a partyyy!

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Anonymous asked: what are you measurements? saw you on curveappeal, so gorgeous xo

:) thank you! that’s a very good question, i’m not sure! i’ll get back to you next week when i’m toning for halloween & i get my measurments xo

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Anonymous asked: drugs aren't a good look.

Definately didn’t ask for your opinion but thanks anyways!


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Hat- Forever 21 Shirt- JcPenny Pants- Gifted Bag- Gifted


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